Christopher Morrison - President

President @capnkurt lewis2ku@mail.uc.edu kurtjlewis.com

I'm a 4th year computer science major and I've been involved with ACM for three years, previously serving as both president and treasurer. I've been programming for a number of years and I love learning about and sharing tech news and tips. I love going to hackathons! Feel free to email me anytime at lewis2ku@mail.uc.edu, or in our slack room at @capnkurt!

Dom Farolino - Vice President

Vice President @domfarolinofarolidm@mail.uc.edudomfarolino.com

I'm a 4th year computer science major at UC interested in C/C++, browser internals, and web standards. I like to study algorithms, math, and help people learn about the programming and the web platform. I'm a big advocate of the modern open web and want to work somewhere that allows me to make an impact on the web platform. I've previously co-oped at Mozilla.

Zach Collins - Treasurer

Treasurer @zachcollinscollinzy@mail.uc.eduzachscollins.com

I'm a 4th year computer engineering student. I like to spend my free time going to hackathons, practicing my programming skills, and helping others learn about computer science and engineering. If you want to get in touch, you can find me on our slack channel with the handle @zachcollins.

Noah Bass - Secretary

Secretary @noahbassnh@mail.uc.edunoahbass.com

I'm a 3rd year computer science major. This is my 2nd year as secretary of ACM@UC. I never wrote my own bio so our wonderful webmaster did it for me.

Isiah Lloyd - Web Master

Web Master @isiah_lloydlloydij@mail.uc.eduisiah.me

I'm a 2nd year computer science major at UC. This is my first year as the web master of ACM@UC. I enjoy helping put on the yearly hackathon RevolutionUC! I'm excited to see what this year brings to ACM@UC!

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