What is UC Cubecats?

UC CubeCats is a student-led, undergraduate research laboratory at the University of Cincinnati, dedicated to the education of its members through the development and launch of CubeSats.

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The Latest

Summer 2022

Project Tuxedo has been delayed to the Fall Semester due to logistical issues. Read all about the mission on our Current Missions page.

Our Organizational Structure

Executive Board

Our Executive Board comprises five leadership positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Program Manager. Additionally, we have several chair positions, who help ensure the organization runs smoothly.

CubeSat Program

Our CubeSat program is composed of dedicated members currently working on two CubeSat projects, a Ground Station for communicating with future missions, and a Helmhotz Cage for ground testing of satellite systems.

CATiSE Program

The CubeCats Applied Training in Space Exploration (CATiSE) Program was designed to teach new members systems engineering, project leadership skills, and technical skills for missions in space-like environments.

Some of Our Highlighted Projects


A 1U CubeSat mission serving as an education and outreach platform for local students, which will also study the radiation mitigation effects of carbon-carbon composites.


A 3U CubeSat mission using a commercial-off-the-shelf multispectral imager to study harmful algal blooms on the Great Lakes for at least a year.

Helmholtz Cage

An open-source, 3-axis Helmholtz Cage design for magnetic field testing of CubeSats. Also includes an "two-and-a-half" degree-of-freedom air-bearing table.